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[Seminar] LAWnB Seminar for major dispute cases and countermeasures for M&A – Attorney Seong Hoon Yi, Attorney Eun Nyung Lee
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KL Partners’ Mr. Seong Hoon Yi and Mr. Eun Nyung Lee spoke at the the M&A seminar held on June 12, 2019 at Grand Salon in the Namsan Grand Hyatt Hotel, hosted by Thomson Reuters,  LAWnB and KL Partners. Following last year’s seminar, this year’s seminar saw around 120 attendees.

In this seminar, Mr. Yi and Mr. Lee, who have devoted around 20 years to the field of M&A, introduced disputes related to M&A transactions as a case example. It consisted of a 6-hour detailed description of what parties of a M&A transaction should keep in mind, advanced measures to be taken when preparing for a M&A-related dispute, and any measures to minimize the risks in case of an actual dispute. The seminar helped participants understand overall M&A transactions and delivered practical experience and know-how that can be utilized in actual M&A transactions, and therefore, was very well-received.



[Lecture] LAWnB, M&A and Patent Dispute-related Seminars- Seong Hoon Yi of KL Partners
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Seong Hoon Yi of KL Partners held an exclusive 6-hour lecture at an M&A seminar, on June 12, 2018, the event hosted by Thomson Reuters/LAWnB.

The comprehensive 6-hour lecture provided explanations, mainly through use of specific cases, of participants and structure of M&A transactions, along with detailed procedural order from the start to the end of an M&A transaction, potential issues that may occur in an M&A transaction and related solutions, and the main contents of M&A transaction-related contracts.

There were around 120 (paying) participants, and the Koran Bar Association also recognized the lecture as specialized consultation training.

Due to the lecture’s favorable reviews, Thomson Reuters/LAWnB plans to hold another series of M&A lectures held by Seong Hoon Yi this year.