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Chambers and Partners, “Chambers Asia-Pacific 2016 Leading Individuals – Corporate/M&A”
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This year’s economics Nobel Prize has gone to Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström, for their work on the theory of contracts. It’s about incentives, and imperfect information, and long-term relationships. But it’s related to lots of real-world economic issues — performance pay, mergers and acquisitions, and bank lending.

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“대한상의, ICC코리아 국제중재위원회 기능 강화 – 부위원장에 김범수 케이엘파트너스 변호사 등 법무부·로펌·주요 회원사 전문인력 대거 위촉”

Since the Great Recession, macroeconomic discussion has been dominated by discussions of aggregate demand, and how to create more of it through monetary and fiscal policies. That has led to a strange state of affairs where those topics still dominate the debate, even though they’ve done the job economics expects of them.

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